Shenmao Capacitors specialized in aluminum electrolytic capacitors from 1970

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by:Shenmao     2021-04-21
Shenzhen Shenmao Capacitor is a film capacitor factory established in 2006. So far, it has served close to 10,000 users. It can be selected by users among so many capacitor peers. It is derived from Shenmao's excellent Ru0026D technology and film capacitor products. Quality, as well as after-sales service that gives users peace of mind and peace of mind. The predecessor of Shenmao film capacitor manufacturer is a well-known Taiwanese company. At that time, in order to open up the market in mainland China, Shenmao film capacitor manufacturer was established, so most of the company's executives are Technical background, we attach great importance to product quality, so when we encounter any product quality or imperfections, we will strive for improved capacitor products, and gradually form the unique long-life film capacitors of Shenmao. This is also the choice of many partners. The main reason for Mao Capacitor. When the domestic ultrasonic industry was just developing, Shen Mao Capacitor participated in the joint research and development work. At that time, many ultrasonic partners chose Shen Mao because they could help to develop suitable capacitor components for the other party. The most obvious thing this year is the outbreak of pneumonia. The market needs a large number of masks. The ultrasonic industry is a production mask machine. Shenmao Capacitor was found in the first time. Shenmao film capacitor manufacturers did not disappoint their customers. They cooperated with the production and satisfied together. The market’s demand for masks. Dealing with the ultrasonic industry, as well as instrumentation, electronic equipment, household appliances, lighting and audio, power and electricity, and other industries are all cooperating. Why can Shenmao’s film capacitor manufacturers achieve such branding, the most important The reason is that benevolence is the foundation, profit is never the first. It allows users to use good capacitors, which can benefit consumers. Users can rest assured that they can do this. Shenzhen Shenmao Capacitor Co., Ltd., this film The biggest goal of capacitor manufacturers!
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