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Film capacitors help the lighting project

by:Shenmao     2021-04-20
The busy traffic and thousands of lights bring out the prosperity and vitality of a city. Every construction worker's sweat is indispensable here, and it is not even the advice of the lighting engineering company. When we enjoy the light brought by the city, the designer must be behind it. Thanks to the hard work and sweat of Lianghua Engineering for choosing Shenmao Film Capacitors as a component partner to work together to contribute to the beauty of the city. Upon learning that Ms. Cai was doing the lighting project for the city, the entire Shenmao Film Capacitor Company attached great importance to it and assisted the lighting project wholeheartedly. After the proofing test of the film capacitor was completed, it was officially supplied to In Ms. Cai’s company, the lights on the city streets were officially turned on in half a month. Both parties were satisfied with this cooperation, and there was no business dissatisfaction. The lighting project is to illuminate the building and scenic spots. Through artificial planning and creation, it will appear more beautiful and artistic under the lighting effect, so that ordinary nights will be filled with a different atmosphere of civilization. If you are also You can directly contact customer service online if you are engaged in lighting engineering projects and have film capacitor needs.
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