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Filter Capacitor-Why Proofing Test|Focus on the manufacturer of high-end brand capacitors

by:Shenmao     2021-05-23
Why do filter capacitors need to be proofed and tested? It’s very clear for older engineers, but for engineers who are just getting started in the electronics industry, there will be a question. The designed circuit board also calculates the capacity and withstand voltage of the required capacitors. Why do you need to filter capacitors? Test iteratively? Wouldn't this cause a waste of human and financial resources? In fact, even if the performance of any electronic component is the same, but the material and technology are different, the accuracy and validity period of the made filter capacitor are also different. The most terrible thing is the capacitor made of inferior materials. The pre-test process is qualified and it is put into production. Problems began to occur at the time, leading to damage to a large number of products. In serious cases, quality problems occurred after being put on the market. This is not only a loss of money for any company, but also a discrediting of the brand. Just like Mr. Wu received by Ms. Shen Maoshi last week, Mr. Wu just performed a simple capacity withstand voltage test for the filter capacitor sample provided by the other party’s factory. There was a large-scale product failure at the stage. After inspection, it was discovered that it was a capacitor problem inside, which seriously delayed the customer's delivery. After this lesson, Mr. Wu also paid attention to the capacitor proofing test link, so the early filter capacitor test link It’s very important, remember not to save the test phase because it saves time
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