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Filter capacitors and electrolytic capacitors have what different?

by:Shenmao     2020-10-30
首先说一下,驻电路中分高宽带滤波和低宽带滤波,高宽带滤波电容为无极电瓷片。 General capacitance in 1 p to 1000 p, choose according to filter frequency calculation of capacitance, filter types too much common ∏ type, R type, T. 而电解电容是有极性电容,它应用归于整流电路后电源滤波和为声音此时信号提供通道。 Uf and uf electrolytic capacitor capacity from 1 to 10000 large capacity, according to the different requirements of circuit to choose, but they all have one thing in common between them is pressure values in different circuit, selected according to the working voltage of the high and low. Comprehensive the above features are both are essentially different, cannot confuse STH with STH else. 高宽带滤波电路电路中,一个容量很大的电解电容c1与一个容量很小的电容c2水平联。 C1 is a 1000 mu F large capacity filter capacitor, C2 is a only 0. 1μf的小电容,为高宽带滤波电容,用来进行高宽带成分滤波,这种一大一小的电容相并联的电路在电源电路中十分常见。 高宽带滤波电路电路分析。 ( 1) 220 v交流电源电路将电车进行整流和滤波,由于电网中存在大量高此时干扰,因此要求在电源电路中对高此时干扰成滤波分进行。 电源电路中的高宽带滤波电容电路是起天然一高频滤波作用的电路。 ( 2) In theory, at the same frequency capacitance of its small capacitive reactance, large capacity under such a big capacity after a two capacitors in parallel younger small capacitance C2 is not effective. However, due to the large capacity capacitance impedance characteristics ( 在正面讲解决电解电容特性时已经介尹元亮) Instead, it under the condition of high frequency impedance is greater than that of low frequency capacitive reactance. ( 3) 造作了补偿大电容c1小编宽带情况下这一不足,再置于联一个小电容c2。 由于小电容的容量小,在制造时可以克服电感特性,所以小电容c2几乎不存在电感。 When high working frequency of the circuit, small capacitance C2 capacitive reactance is very small, so that high frequency interference signal is through a small capacitance C2 filter to the ground. ( 4) This circuit, the rectifier circuit output for the vast majority of the dc voltage is one-way pulsation frequency low communication components, components for these communication small capacitance does not work, 因采收小电容容抗对低宽带交流成分大而相当于开路状态) When is mainly large capacitance Cl in work, through the Cl is low frequency ac component. ( 5) For high frequency components, the frequency is higher, large capacitor C1 in the open circuit state rather than work, small capacitance C2 capacitive reactance is far less than the impedance of C1 and is in working status, is used to filter out all kinds of high frequency interference signals, so through the C2 is high frequency components.
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