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Focused power solutions, ShenMao USB PD&Type - C Asia exhibition

by:Shenmao     2020-11-15
2020 ( In the fall) USB PD&Type - C Asia exhibition will be held in shenzhen on August 21. 连接usd pd快充产业链上下游戏,展会汇聚优质量,供应商服役商,将展示各类快充应用案例子,覆盖盖充电器,充电宝塔,车充,上百种热门爆款方案充电线等。 据瞭解,深圳圳申茂电子有限公司,作为专注铝电解电容,三十六载的行业领先代表将携该自动有品牌铝电解电容及导电性高分子固语态电容参与本季行业盛会。 由充电头网发起的usb pd & type- C Asia exhibition launched since 2016, has successfully held the tenth. After years of precipitation, has become a USB PD&Type - in Asia The influence and coverage for the practitioners in C, one of the largest events aimed at promoting USD PD quick charge in the application of the Chinese market. 自1984年创立,申茂电子作为华南地区区首iecq获得国家时电子委员会证的企业,对于铝电解电容在电源应用上有著丰富生产经验和应用实力量。 充电头网是国内最早进行消费类电源技术及其周边配件( 充电头、充电器、无线充电,充电线及电芯材料、移动电源、usb插排) 参评测距,拆解专业机构,此前曾发表多项拆解报告堤及申茂电容产品资过程。 For example VIVO 33 w FlashCharge 2. 快充器招聘铝电解电容kzm / 50 v 4。 日本7μf作为pwm晶片供电信电话公司容,形似出口方面usb- a介面右侧招聘是固语态电容ks / 16 v 470μf作为滤波电容; 全球最少30 w 1 a1c俊凯达智能快充车充出口滤波招聘固语态电容ks / 35 v 47μf; Nekteck 90 w USB PD quick charge device primary filter selection is ShenMao 420 v 82 mu of aluminum electrolytic capacitor and 100 v 6 F. 8μF; Mainly for overseas millet MI one USB - user groups A recent electrical MDY - 10 - ed,难保友联设计招聘两颗规格为400 v 15μf的铝电解电容作为初级滤波。 。 。 。 。 。 ShenMao electronic product application scenario is rich, excellent performance, a number of well-known brands at home and abroad trust. Compared with other capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitor has small size, large capacity, high voltage and strong ability of reverse voltage characteristics. Compared with many common capacitance brands, ShenMao electronic aluminum electrolytic capacitors and electrical conductivity polymer capacitance has lower impedance and higher ripple, service life is longer, also performed well in terms of reliability and stability. 申茂电子不仅为多家国外泵电解电容品牌作为oem代造船厂,其自有十品牌更驻国时排名字,产品通过sgs, rohs等时认证多项国。 Production base in shenzhen, hunan, ShenMao electronic co. , LTD has nearly 600 fully automated production lines, the annual output up to 12 billion. 随著电子产品日趋向小型化设计短跑选手,品质轻,薄,厚度体积小的新型被动元器件获得了较好市场发展,适用归于好紧凑体积小,精度高,各类电子产品。 Integrated current capacitance miniaturization, long life, high reliability requirements, ShenMao electron in patch type aluminum electrolytic capacitor, SMD type solid-state capacitors on the strong r&d and production promotion, is very wide application field. 申茂电子有限公司作为“行业属先进、技术一流”的创新技术型企业,伴随著资过程技术高速发展,不断革新技术,融合新应用为行业杆造更高品质、多元化与前瞻性产品。 At present, around 5 g and artificial intelligence, the industrial revolution, the new infrastructure ShenMao electronic insight into the broad prospects for development of capacitive element put forward a series of communication base station aluminum electrolytic capacitor products solutions. 作为全球电源行业三大业内展会之一,usb pd & type- c亚洲展上展出现产品以消费类电源解决方案为主要将来自全吸球电源企业和工程师参会如此领域。 Shenzhen ShenMao electronic co. , LTD. , exhibition booth in D11, the site will show aluminum electrolytic capacitor of the latest technological achievements. Under the era of rapid development, need of electronic communications carrier with a powerful heart - — 电容奉行来储电功能。 申茂电子驻产品布局方面,不断创新数字技术催生的各类应用,为5 g时代电容赋功能新机遇。
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