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by:Shenmao     2021-03-20
The metal film capacitor is a capacitor made of organic plastic film as the medium and metal as the electrode through various windings. A good function of using metal film as a capacitor is the nature of self-recovery. The so-called self-recovery means that even if the electrode is short-circuited due to the fragility of the electrolyte, the capacitor can be restored to its current state. This is because the metal film on the surface of the metal film capacitor replaces the traditional metal foil when the metal film capacitor is manufactured. The thickness of the metal foil is greater than that of the metal foil, so the overall volume of the metal film becomes smaller when it is wound. Metal film capacitors have many advantages in general, but they also have obvious shortcomings. First of all, the stability of its capacity cannot be compared with foil capacitors. The reason is actually that metal film capacitors have been used for a long time. When using, there will be a loss of information capacity. Although it has the advantage of self-healing, there will be the possibility of capacity reduction when the self-healing is over. The second point is that metal film capacitors are not ideal for withstanding higher capacitance. This is because metal film is much thinner than metal foil, so the ability to withstand current is weaker. Many researchers are currently changing this situation. The most important way to improve is to change the electrode of the metal film capacitor to double-sided, increase the thickness and endurance of the metal film, and reduce the contact surface of the resistance. Although metal capacitors have some shortcomings, they will not hinder their advantages, especially good electrical characteristics and high stability and long life. Therefore, metal film capacitors continue to meet various applications in different areas. In particular, many electrical appliances are pursuing minimization, so the requirement for capacitors is to provide a higher capacitance than before with the smallest package size.
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