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Function and advantages of high voltage ceramic capacitors

by:Shenmao     2020-11-20
Ceramic capacitors have multiple names, such as high voltage ceramic capacitors, ceramic tile, ceramic dielectric capacitors, metallized capacitors, etc. , the occasion of their functions and application is different also, below as an introduction to the advantages of high voltage ceramic capacitors and role. High voltage ceramic capacitor, which USES high voltage ceramic capacitors in power system, in general, such as the measurement of power system, energy storage, the partial pressure, and other products, can use high voltage ceramic capacitors. High voltage ceramic capacitors in the LED industry has a wide range of applications and not light, high voltage ceramic capacitors with high dielectric constant of a ceramic capacitor is ( Barium titanate a titanium oxide) Squeezed into a circular tube, the wafer or disk as a medium, and burn infiltration method will be the silver plating on ceramic as electrode is made. One, the advantages of high voltage ceramic capacitors 1, climb high current rate and is suitable for high current circuits non-inductive structure 2, capacity loss frequency with high temperature stability of the series, special structures is suitable for high voltage work very long 4 reliability, high pressure resistance performance is good, the electronic production of high-voltage capacitors, more than 200 kv, rated voltage withstand voltage value is greater than 500 kv, the role of high voltage ceramic capacitors 1 and 2 the purpose of the high voltage ceramic capacitor consists of transmission and distribution system of electric power equipment and processing equipment of pulse energy. Because of the high special * flow of power system voltage, high frequency, in the outdoor environment ( - 40 degrees to + 60 degrees) , lightning voltage/current is big, and so on various factors, caused by high voltage ceramic capacitors in the research and development and production has been in a dilemma: bad environment, capacitance with super stability, namely rate is smaller; At the same time, metering, energy storage, the partial pressure product requirements such as high accuracy, the high voltage ceramic capacitor under this environment of partial discharge, namely partial discharge has a very stringent requirements: partial discharge is zero. 2, high-voltage ceramic capacitor has the characteristics of wear resistance of dc high voltage, suitable for high pressure bypass and coupling circuits, low loss of high pressure wafer has lower dielectric loss, high pressure ceramics capacitors as long as for high frequency, high pressure ceramics capacitor depends in what occasions, use typical function can eliminate the high frequency interference. 3, used in the field of high power, high pressure high voltage ceramic capacitors, with small, high pressure and frequency characteristic is good wait for a characteristic. In recent years, along with the progress of the material, the electrodes and the manufacturing technology, the development of high voltage ceramic capacitors have great progress, and achieved a wide range of applications. High voltage ceramic capacitor has become one of the high power high voltage electronic products indispensable element. Finally using high voltage ceramic capacitors are also pay attention to several points: 1. The working voltage of 2. Working temperature and authigenic heat 3. The withstand voltage test of high voltage ceramic capacitors is introduced to this, hope to the end of this article will be helpful to you.
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