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Function and use of electrolytic capacitors

by:Shenmao     2020-12-16
Electrolytic capacitor in the circuit 1, filtering effect, in the power circuit, rectifier circuit communication into pulsating dc, in after the rectifier circuit into a larger capacity of the electrolytic capacitor, use of the charge and discharge characteristics, make rectification after the pulsating dc voltage is relatively stable dc voltage. Due to the large capacity of general has certain inductance electrolytic capacitor, the high frequency and pulse interference signal cannot be effectively filter out, so on both ends of the parallel has a capacity of 0. 001 - - 0. Rhyme in the low frequency component is to prevent the loss is too big, generally adopt large capacity electrolytic capacitor. Two methods for judging, electrolytic capacitor, electrolytic capacitor common fault, reducing capacity, capacity disappear, breakdown electric leakage, short circuit and the capacity change is due to the electrolytic capacitor is in use or place its internal electrolyte in the process of drying up, and the breakdown and voltage too high or leakage is usually caused by poor quality in itself. The specific method is: will be two pin short circuit capacitor discharge, use multimeter black pens and answer the electrolytic capacitor anode. Red pens and connect the cathode ( The pointer multimeter, pens and intermodulation when using a digital multimeter measurement) , whose hands should be normal to the direction of the resistance is small, then gradually return to infinity. Third, the use of electrolytic capacitors on item 1, electrolytic capacitor with positive and negative polarity, so can't reverse connection when used in the circuit. But, if the ac power voltage fluctuation is very big and could rise to more than 250 v, had better choose pressure above 30 v electrolytic capacitor. 4, with positive and negative polarity of the signal filtering, can take two series capacitors with polarity method, as a non-polar capacitor. ( 结束)
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