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Future Market Forecast of Metal Film Capacitors|Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-03-24
Metal film capacitors are mainly used in electronics, home appliances, communications, electric power, electrified railways, hybrid vehicles, wind power, solar power and other industries. The stable development of these industries has promoted the growth of the metal film capacitor market. With the development of technology, the replacement cycle of many industries such as electronics, home appliances, and communications is getting shorter and shorter. With its good electrical performance and high reliability, metal film capacitors have become indispensable electronics for promoting the upgrading of the above industries. element. In the next few years, with the further development of digitalization, informatization, and network construction, and the country’s increased investment in power grid construction, electrified railway construction, energy-saving lighting, hybrid vehicles, etc., as well as the upgrade of consumer electronics products, the market for metal film capacitors Demand will further show a trend of rapid growth. According to statistics from the China Electronic Components Industry Association, it is estimated that by 2010, the metal film capacitor market will grow rapidly at a rate of 15-20%. The growth of the metal film capacitor market will inevitably drive the rapid growth of the polypropylene electronic film market. The biggest advantage of metal film capacitors is the 'self-healing' feature. The so-called self-healing characteristic is that if the thin film medium has defects at a certain point and a breakdown short-circuit occurs under the action of overvoltage, the metallization layer at the breakdown point can be melted and evaporated instantaneously under the action of the arc to form a small metal-free zone , The two pole pieces of the capacitor are insulated from each other again and can still continue to work, thus greatly improving the reliability of the capacitor's work.
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