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General advantages of metal film capacitors|Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-03-27
Metal film capacitors have many types depending on the medium, but the most frequently used in audio equipment are electrolytic capacitors and film (Film) capacitors. Electrolytic capacitors are mostly used in places that require a large amount of capacitance, such as the filter capacitor of the main power supply part, in addition to filtering, and also for storing electric energy. The film capacitors are widely used in the cross-connection of analog signals, the bypass of power supply noise (anti-cross-connection) and other places. Details of the advantages of the film capacitor structure:   1. The main circuit inside the core adopts a copper bar bridging process structure, the thickness of the copper bar is guaranteed, the main circuit has a strong overcurrent capacity, and the temperature rise of the copper bar is low. The installation and operation are simple, convenient, fast and efficient, which greatly reduces the probability of error.  2. The main circuit of the metal film capacitor only needs two copper bars, which replaces a large PCB in the past. The material cost and labor cost of the product are greatly reduced, and the reliability of the product is improved. Eliminates the need for PCB plug-in, tin furnace, repair soldering and other processes.  3. The main circuit is separated from the drive control part, so that the strong current/weak current can be separated. Reduce the interference of the main resonant circuit to the chip driving part. The metal film capacitor brings convenience to the after-sales maintenance of the product, and the components can be used again, which reduces the maintenance cost.  4. Since the capacitors are all packaged in module form, the shell can be used to dissipate heat, and the movement can be completely sealed. Solve the problem of oil fume, moisture, cockroaches, metal dust, etc. entering the inside of the movement, and improve the reliability and service life of the product. 5. The metal film capacitor is changed from multiple discrete parallel to a single module form, which solves the problems of uneven overcurrent and uneven partial voltage of discrete capacitors, shortens the line distance of the main circuit, and reduces the distribution of inductance and power of the line. The influence of components.   Miniaturized metal film capacitors are widely used. In audio equipment, polypropylene organic film (CBB) capacitors, polyester (CL) capacitors and electrolytic (CD) capacitors are widely used. Among them, CBB capacitors and CL capacitors are mostly used in coupling, bypass or decoupling circuits. They are characterized by small capacity, non-polarity and higher voltage resistance; and CD capacitors are mostly used in voltage stabilization, filtering and output circuits. If the current is too large, it will Speed u200bu200bup the reaction speed, and make the internal heat of the product, if the current is too small, it will slow down the reaction speed, resulting in low efficiency, so the current must be limited according to regulations.  The characteristics of miniaturized metal film capacitors are larger capacity, polarity and withstand voltage slightly lower. Due to the different functions of the capacitors and the different dielectric materials, the phenomena of the faults are not all the same, and some faults are not easy to find on the surface. For more details, please call the free consultation hotline: 4006299138.
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