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Have you encountered these pits in the capacitor industry?

by:Shenmao     2021-05-07
As the saying goes, where there are people, there are rivers and lakes. The benchmarking in the capacitor industry is that as long as there are capacitors, there are high-quality and low-quality points. This article takes an inventory of some of the pits (risks) in the capacitor industry to help you avoid To open up these risks, the common pit in the capacitor industry-inferior capacitors, inferior capacitors, belong to the pit of product quality, which is common in refurbishment, low voltage and high voltage, raw materials are fake, and buying refurbished capacitors is the most terrible thing. It may pass any test, but it is a capacitor that is in inventory or used scrapped and discarded. It is recycled and refurbished, and then sold. The effect of these refurbished capacitors is that the service life is generally not long, and it does not take long. Stop operation, low-voltage instead of high-voltage refers to packaging low-voltage capacitors into high-voltage capacitors for sale. This type of pit is more common. The reason why this type of capacitor can still exist is mainly that the design of the circuit board generally follows the highest peak value. Choose the withstand voltage of the capacitor. For example, the highest peak value (withstand voltage withstand) of Class A electronic products is 400V, and the normal operation is 250V, so for safety reasons, 400V capacitors must be used. The voltage withstand printing of 400V actually provides a 250V capacitor, just to make more money, because electronic products that are not high-frequency are generally rarely run in a high-peak state, so it is difficult to be found, raw materials are fake or Inferior raw materials are really the most dangerous pit. The prices of capacitors of the same specification and model in the market are often different. It cannot be considered that the price is different because of the brand. The bigger reason is that the raw materials used are different, such as The average price in the market is a large number of capacitors. Other capacitor manufacturers can bid a few cents below the market price. This type of capacitors must be produced with cheap raw materials. If there are too many hidden dangers after being put into use, the electronic products will not work. More importantly, it threatens the common pits in the safety capacitor industry-the existence of service traders in the capacitor industry in the capacitor industry is reasonable, and the existence of some traders is unreasonable, such as declaring that they are a type of trader such as a certain brand capacitor agent. The existence of open-minded and profitable traders is bound to be reasonable, and some traders directly pretend to be the original manufacturers, and then find some regular capacitor manufacturers to supply the goods to customers.Customer A uses the goods of manufacturer C and trader B earns The most hateful thing about this price difference is that customer A thinks that they are using the products of trader B, which is a waste of money. This type of pit is really hard to guard against. Electronic mall/offline mall, these two types of mall types provide capacitors. There are certain hidden dangers, that is, the after-sales processing is basically zero. For example, when you use the provided capacitors, no matter what serious problems occur, the biggest processing method is only refunds. Some even refunds cannot be refunded. This type of pit is relatively Occurs in smaller production companies, or mostly personal hobbyists,
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