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Heating and cooling of aluminum electrolytic capacitor

by:Shenmao     2020-11-08
Aluminum electrolytic capacitors because of its large capacity, low cost, etc are widely used in rectifier, filter circuit, in the use of the reliability of aluminum electrolytic capacitor is very high, generally do not down, and because of its effective healing properties and make its work reliability is greatly increased, however, shortcomings in the design of the circuit or man-made wrong operation will cause early failure of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor pressure relief device, the electric insulation damage, short circuit, open circuit fault, in general these failures can be largely avoided, only has the fever is unavoidable in aluminum electrolytic capacitor used and harm to the deep factors, aluminum electrolytic capacitor fever can speed up the consumption of electrolyte so that dried up, and even cause the electrolyte boiling; At the same time, the electrolyte of dry can also reduce the ripple current to bear ability, sharply shorten the service life of the capacitor. Not only that, the electrolyte dry can also make aluminum electrolytic capacitor leakage current increases, loss increase, produce the harm such as instantaneous overtemperature, therefore, fever is aluminum electrolytic capacitor using the factors which can not be ignored in in use should ensure that the aluminum electrolytic capacitors should not exceed the rated working temperature, try to stay away from heat source, necessary should adopt effective measures to cool it. As for the reason of aluminium electrolytic capacitor fever, will be updated later.
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