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HIFI capacitor_HIFI audio capacitor_What is HIFI capacitor?

by:Shenmao     2021-07-06
What is a HIFI capacitor? Before that, you need to understand what HIFI means. Hi-Fi is the abbreviation of High-Fidelity in English, translated as 'high fidelityCapacitors refer to components that help achieve HIFI. HIFI capacitors are generally used in audio equipment, so they are also called audio capacitors or HIFI audio capacitors by consumers. The main specifications of HIFI capacitors include: metal film capacitors, electrolytic capacitors, tantalum capacitors, etc., such capacitor applications In the case of HIFI audio equipment, more big-name audio manufacturers or consumers who have higher requirements for sound quality will pursue such sound quality requirements. Therefore, it is also called an audiophile, or audiophile. The fever here refers to an attitude of love, not that consumers or products really have a fever. The role of HIFI capacitors is the same as explained in this article. It was born to meet and realize the high fidelity conditions of HIFI audio equipment. Generally, the sound of audio equipment is designed with three frequencies of low, medium and high, and some audio equipment plays some kind of When sound, there will be noise or popping, etc. These are all due to the inability to meet the high fidelity situation, so the HIFI audio that pursues the sound quality was born, which led to the development and production of HIFI audio capacitors.
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