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[HIFI Divider Capacitor]_Specifications_Function|Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-30
The brief meaning of HIFI frequency divider capacitor is the capacitor used in the scene of HIFI audio equipment. Generally, there are many types of capacitors used in HIFI audio, so there are more subdivided capacitor specifications. This article specifically introduces the general use of HIFI audio. Which capacitors. HIFI frequency divider capacitor specifications: the special electrodeless electrolytic capacitor for frequency divider has stable performance, excellent quality and long life. Many HIFI audio enthusiasts like to use this type of frequency-division electrodeless electrolytic capacitors. Other capacitors are generally used for five or six years, and the basic sound is dead. However, Shenmao's frequency-division electrodeless electrolytic capacitors provide very large currents. The discharge speed is extremely fast, so it can cope with powerful dynamics and large currents required by low frequencies. Compared to the performance of the power amplifier in low frequency and large dynamics, it is self-evident. What's more valuable is that its high frequency is rarely comparable. HIFI frequency divider capacitor specifications: special non-polar capacitor for frequency divider After talking about common frequency-dividing non-polar electrolytic capacitors, it is the turn to introduce HIFI capacitors made of metal film material. Compared with other brands of the same capacity, Shenmao Capacitor The voice will be richer and gentler, without losing masculinity, which is more soft and strong in layman's terms. Excellent dynamic performance is also the characteristic of this brand. The capacitor is the main part of the frequency divider. The capacitance function of the frequency divider is to block the low audio frequency, let the middle and high audio frequencies pass, and make the high and midrange of the speaker clear. Some thoughts on HIFI frequency divider capacitors: Recently, there have been many discussions on the Internet about the ability of frequency divider capacitors to improve sound quality. In fact, in the view of Shen Mao, who has been in the capacitor industry for many years, for users who are sensitive to sound quality, after replacing new capacitors It’s very easy to tell how the sound is, and users who are not sensitive to sound quality, even if they use a loudspeaker to play music, it is estimated that they will not be aware of it, but for those HIFI audio enthusiasts who are willing to participate in the discussion, I still say Respect, because there are various voices of questioning and praise, capacitor manufacturers are more inclined to develop high-quality capacitors! u0026nbsp;
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