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High frequency low resistance electrolytic capacitor circuit design pay attention to what is at eight o 'clock?

by:Shenmao     2020-11-22

in the circuit design, how to better the layout of the capacitor, what matters need to pay attention to? Below by ShenMao electronic analytical high frequency low resistance electrolytic capacitor circuit design for you pay attention to what is at eight o 'clock? 1, high frequency, low resistance electrolytic capacitor is negative, must not add reverse voltage and ac voltage, the reverse voltage may occur where the non-polar capacitor should be used. 2, the need for fast charging and discharging, high frequency low resistance should not be used electrolytic capacitor, should choose a special design of capacitor with longer life. 3, should not use overload voltage. 4, sewing after the superposition of dc voltage is lower than the rating voltage. 5, more than two electrolytic capacitor in series to consider when using balancing resistor, makes each capacitor on the voltage in the range of its rated. 6, circuit board design, attention should be paid to capacitance, explosion-proof valve top may have any line that, and the gap should be set aside for more than 2 mm. Among 7, design circuit board shall confirm the heating component is not close to the high frequency low resistance electrolytic capacitor or the bottom of the electrolytic capacitor. 8, electrolytic also main chemical solvents and electrolytic paper as tinder, and electrolyte conductivity. When the electrolyte in contact with the PC board, PC board may be corrosion on the line. That the smoke or fire. So there should be no line under the electrolytic capacitor.
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