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High voltage capacitor discharge method have?

by:Shenmao     2020-11-21

general capacitor discharge as long as the positive and negative poles of the capacitor sub. And high voltage capacitor generally do not short circuit discharge directly, so as not to burn out junction capacitance, high voltage capacitor discharge method have? Method one: (1) the first unplug electric power supply. (2) using a 20000 ohm, 2 watt resistor, the connecting parts can be bought in most electronics stores, the price is very cheap. (3) the probe resistor and capacitor terminal together, for the high voltage capacitor discharge. (4) if the capacitor has three terminal, please put resistor with a rely on outside the terminal and the terminal connection, and then the outside with the rest of the terminal and the terminal connection. Method 2: (1) the resistance of one end connected to a pens and, on the other end to an alligator clip, wrapped with insulating tape connectors. (2) the crocodile clip on the ground, with other pens and answer the capacitance, the sample will not have a spark discharge. (3) it is important to note if for many consecutive capacitor discharge resistor will fever, can choose a larger wattage. Method 3: (1) discharge bulb, and method of two similar, with 100 - 200 - watt bulb. (2) with 60 - 80 w iron the discharge, the similar method. (3) insulation on iron discharge.
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