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How about farad capacitors? What are the practical characteristics to understand?

by:Shenmao     2021-05-25
Farad capacitors are mainly composed of positive and negative electrodes, including electrolyte and corresponding packaging materials. This can be said to be electronic components. In other words, although people don't know much about this, this part also has practical application characteristics to understand.  One. One of the main principles   Farad capacitor is an electronic component that uses the principle of electric double layer. When voltage is applied to the electrode plate, like ordinary capacitors, it can form a contrast between the electrolyte and the electrode in the electric field to achieve the balance of the internal charge of the electrolyte. Due to the farad capacity discharge, the charge of the plate is discharged by the external circuit, and the charge response of the electrolyte interface is reduced. It can be seen that the charging and discharging process is a physical process, not a chemical process. Therefore, it is different from batteries that have stable performance and use chemical reactions. 2. The charging speed is faster. If you consider the farad capacitor, you can see that the charging speed is relatively fast. When charging, it only takes a few seconds to charge to reach the rated capacity. Among them, the life is relatively long, and the deep charge and discharge cycle reaches 1 ~500,000 times, no memory effect, no over-discharge problem, high energy conversion efficiency, low engineering loss, high current energy cycle efficiency of 90%.  3. Easy and simple maintenance   Today, this electronic component does not pollute the composition, production, use, storage and decomposition of its own product raw materials, and is an ideal green power source. The charging line is very simple, no charging circuit such as battery charging is required, and no maintenance is required for long-term use.   So the current farad capacitors mainly have these major characteristics, which is why the current electronic components can be used very well, and they have become a product that people can choose now.
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