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How audio capacitors change the tone to create a beautiful tone mood

by:Shenmao     2021-03-15
In the last few years, audio capacitors have gained a good room for development. Audio capacitors have a staged significance for sound polishing, therefore, the degree of its attention is constantly improving. Different types of audio capacitors have great differences and differences in specific functions and methods. Common types of capacitor products are mainly characterized by relatively delicate and warm sound. Metallic capacitor products can create a more traditional tone and taste, and such a tone will not make people feel bored. In the second-hand market, the market for audio capacitors is still very extensive. When considering the specific tone of audio capacitors, what needs to be considered is the type of axial and centralized packaging. The price is lower and the cost is very low, so it is more suitable for entry. People use. For sound, different people pay different attention to it. Bass and treble are the two main directions of attention. Therefore, the use of audio capacitors also needs to consider the attention of these two aspects. There are many issues we need to consider when choosing audio capacitors, such as price. If you are a music player, you should also know that the price of capacitors is also very different. Some high-quality large-brand capacitor products, The price is also relatively expensive. It is precisely because of this that we need to consider these aspects. The sound of Sibi capacitors is also the favorite of many voice controls. The sound created by this type of capacitor is more worthy of contemplation in terms of timbre. It is an atmosphere and soft feeling that can bring powerful auditory shock to the auditory organs. Power, this kind of sound is very shiny, the high-pitched part is more just right, the low-frequency can give people the feeling of fluffy and flexible, from the overall tone, it is similar to the taste of a cello, but we are using this When it comes to capacitors, what needs to be noticed is the overall quantity. In the design of the circuit diagram, the overall parameters of the capacitor should be halved, otherwise it will be reversed, and the overall effect of the sound will appear to be procrastinated. Such a slow tuning will affect the mood instead. It is not lazy, but one. This feeling of fatigue and lack of vitality, therefore, when we use audio capacitors, we also need to consider the performance of the capacitor.
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