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How do capacitors pass alternating current? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-05-11
The essence of alternating current passing through a capacitor is the repeated process of charging and discharging the capacitor itself! Charge the positive pole of the capacitor during the positive half cycle of the AC, and charge the negative pole of the capacitor during the negative half cycle. Because the value of the alternating current itself changes all the time, the voltage on the capacitor changes all the time! The capacitor has the function of storing electricity. When the voltage of the external circuit is low, it discharges to the external circuit! When the external circuit voltage is high, charge the capacitor! The direct current has no voltage change, so it cannot pass through the capacitor! The English name of a capacitor is 'Electric CapacityCapacitors are generally composed of two conductors, such as metal plates or metal foils, that are insulated from each other but are close to each other. These two conductors are also called the two poles of the capacitor, and the insulating material in between is called the dielectric. Connect the two poles of the capacitor to the positive and negative poles of the circuit, and disconnect the power supply after a period of time. There will be a residual voltage between the two pins, so that the capacitor stores electric charge. This process is called charging. In contrast, the process by which a capacitor releases charge to a circuit is called discharge. Since the current flows through the capacitor during the charging and discharging process, after the charging process is over, the capacitor cannot pass direct current. Therefore, the capacitor has the characteristic of 'passing alternating current and blocking direct current'.
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