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How high voltage capacitor right choice?

by:Shenmao     2020-11-21

how high voltage capacitor right choice? Mainly is the pressure value selection, pay attention to the high voltage temperature coefficient of capacitance, high frequency characteristics, reasonable parameters, such as high voltage capacitor capacity and error, the following details. 1, compression value of choice to guarantee the normal work of the high voltage capacitor, chosen of high-voltage capacitance resistance value is not only to greater than its actual working voltage, but also enough leeway, general selection pressure value to the actual working voltage more than twice as high voltage capacitor. 2, pay attention to the high voltage temperature coefficient of capacitance, high frequency characteristic parameters such as oscillation in the oscillation circuit components, the phase shift network components, filter, etc. , should choose small temperature coefficient of high-voltage capacitors, to ensure its performance. In the high frequency applications, due to the high voltage capacitor self-inductance, lead inductance and the influence of the loss at high frequency, high voltage capacitor performance will deteriorate. 3, reasonable determination of the capacity of high voltage capacitor and the error of high-voltage capacitance value, must be in accordance with the provisions of the nominal value to choose. There are many types of high voltage capacitor error level, in the low frequency coupling, decoupling, power filtering circuit, high voltage capacitor can choose + / - 5% level, plus or minus 10%, plus or minus 20% error, but in the oscillation circuit, time delay circuit and tone control circuit, the precision of the high voltage capacitor is somewhat higher; In a variety of filters and all kinds of networks, capacitance of with high precision and high pressure.
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