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How is the life of a capacitor calculated|Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-05-02
The life of a capacitor refers to the time that the capacitor can be used when it is running. For example, when the supplier provides the capacitor, the specification parameter of the capacitor will be given. One item during the parameter period is the service life, some are 5000 hours, some are 1000 Some are tens of thousands of hours. The longer the life of the capacitor is, the better the quality of the capacitor. Then how does this test the life of the capacitor? 1. Oven Test Capacitor Life After a capacitor is developed and produced, it needs to pass a life test experiment, which is carried out in the operating state of the capacitor at the highest temperature. The upper limit of the operating temperature of some capacitors is 105° or 85° , 70° and so on. According to this upper limit, the operation is carried out in the oven. So far, the data has begun to show deviations. The deviation here refers to the error value of the capacity, which means that a safety margin will be given when the capacitance is made. For example, the upper limit of capacitor capacity is 5% and the lower limit is 5%. As long as this value is exceeded, the capacity of the capacitor will become unstable and affect the use. That is to say, when the capacity deviation occurs, the service life of the capacitor can be calculated. The formula is as follows: 2. In addition to testing the life of the capacitor, the failure point of the capacitor also requires the test to pass the test. For quality assessment, what are the failure points of capacitors, such as common capacitor breakdown, low melting point of capacitors, distortion of capacitors, abnormal noise of capacitors, etc. These are all necessary to investigate clearly. Without these steps, it may be directly after the life of the test. Supply to customers, the customer just installed the machine, the capacitor suddenly burst or the capacitor is directly broken down, then the service life problem directly rises to the product quality problem, so not only how to calculate the life of the capacitor, but also to get it Know how to locate the fault point of the capacitor. 3. Test again here refers to those relatively large manufacturing companies. It is best to test again with equipment support, because the test report provided by the supplier is the data filled in by the manufacturer itself. If the data is If there is fraud, it will bring endless hidden dangers. The best way is to not rush to install the production after getting the capacitor from the supplier. It is best to test it again internally. If the test result is provided by the supplier If the test results are consistent with more than 92%, there is basically no problem, so even if the life of the capacitor is tested, it is best to verify it by yourself and it will be foolproof.
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