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How long can the plug-in capacitor be stored? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-05-31
Some procurement specialists may have encountered this problem, which is to purchase capacitors according to the company's plan, but the company's production plan needs to be postponed for one year. At this time, it is difficult to return the product to the capacitor manufacturer due to the special non-quality problem of the purchased capacitor. Even if the negotiation is not so simple to negotiate the return, unless it is a conventional plug-in capacitor specification model, otherwise, no return will be given. Then how long can these plug-in capacitors need to be stored? First, count the number of plug-in capacitors that need to be stored to plan the storage space, and then each plug-in capacitor specification and model must have an independent packaging. This does not mean one capacitor is packaged, but it is packaged in integer units and 500 plug-in capacitors can be packed in a bag. , 1000 capacitors can also be packed in a bag of capacitors. During the packaging process, the packaging bag will not be damaged to avoid an oxidation caused by the contact of oxygen with the lead of the capacitor. If it is oxidized to the capacitor, there will be no loss in calculating the capacity problem, but the conductivity has been played. No effect. The environment for storing plug-in capacitors must be as cool or dry as possible, and remember not to place them in a humid or overheated place. If it is placed in a humid place, the external structure of the plug-in capacitor may not have any effect, but the inside may have become moldy. If it is too hot It is possible that the place where it burns directly or consumes internal capacity by itself. If stored according to the above steps, the storage life of the plug-in capacitor can be maintained between 1 and 2 years. During this period, there may be within the capacity error range. A certain deviation loss, if it is stored for too long but it is simply a problem of missing the capacitance of the plug-in, you can contact the capacitor manufacturer to help it recharge. However, I suggest that capacitors are consumables after all, and storage will have a certain impact on the life and performance of the plug-in capacitors. Just like the plug-in capacitors sold at the electronic city counter, they sell this kind of long-term storage. Capacitors are only very technically stored. The raw materials in the plug-in capacitors need to be energized to maintain the active components inside, so try to communicate these issues with the company, otherwise the plug-in capacitors have to be stored and worry about it!
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