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How long is the shelf life of capacitors|Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-05-16
The shelf life of a capacitor refers to the two shelf life of the capacitor storage time and the capacitor usage time. Maybe the entire industry has no way to give a clear storage time answer, but it is easy to know the usage time of the capacitor, and capacitors are rarely used. People will ask how long the shelf life of the capacitor is, or ask how long the life of the capacitor is, or how long the capacitor can be stored, because generally it will be used immediately after it is purchased. Of course, there will be individual cases. This article analyzes how long the shelf life of a capacitor is. 1. Capacitors use shelf life. There is no such thing as the shelf life of capacitors in the capacitor industry. Generally, you directly ask how long the life of the capacitor is. This life refers to the life of use and does not mean the shelf life. ① Common capacitors like aluminum electrolytic capacitors The service life is very obvious. Because the electrolyte in the electrolytic capacitors will lose a little electrolyte every time it is used, the service life of capacitors like electrolytic capacitors can reach 3-5 years, even if it is a high-end product, if it can reach 10 years The electrolytic capacitors have a very rare service life. ②The service life of capacitors such as ceramic capacitors can be said to be very long. It is directly the service life of 10 years, but this type of capacitor depends on it. The quality of the metal film capacitor is high, otherwise it will be directly damaged once it is broken down. ③The service life of such capacitors as metal film capacitors is completely based on the raw materials used. The general raw materials produced may fail in 2-3 years, which is better. The service life of raw materials can be as long as 10 years. 2. Storage shelf life of capacitors The shelf life of capacitors can be said to be the same. As long as the storage is improper, the life and effect of the capacitor will be affected. If the storage place is not suitable Jokingly said that it’s okay to leave it for decades. This is why some pawnshops in the Electronic City dare to stock up to sell capacitors. Then how should we store capacitors? The first one is the warehouse environment, which is too humid. Please keep in mind that this kind of venue is not available. It may be less than a few days that the capacity and withstand voltage of the capacitor will be affected. ②It is not allowed to use too dry, because the raw materials in the capacitor are flammable. The phenomenon of spontaneous combustion. ③The storage environment must avoid contact with air. The air contact mentioned here is that some capacitors do not have a packaging bag and will be exposed to themselves. Over time, they will be oxidized and corroded by air, which directly affects the life of the capacitor.
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