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How should capacitors be packaged and sent by express? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-05-07
Now is an era of advanced transportation and smooth information, and more and more long-distance and inter-provincial businesses are doing, so the transportation of commodities has become a very important link. Many times the quality of the goods sent by the manufacturer is very good, but the package is broken when the buyer receives the goods, and the goods are even seriously damaged, and the quality is greatly reduced. Especially the delicate electronic equipment such as capacitors is very easy to damage, so what should we do? How about packing capacitors and sending them by express? We all know that express parcels travel from one city to another, passing through several distribution centers, and they will be moved up and down many times in the middle. It is very possible for some people with low literacy to throw things away, and capacitors are also very good. If you are afraid of being dropped, once you receive a violent impact, the medium in the capacitor will be damaged, which may cause the capacity of the capacitor to decrease, and it is easy to get fever. This is also very bad for buyers. When packing capacitors, you must first keep the capacitors in a vertical position. Do not lay them flat. If possible, they must be packaged separately. There must be a small inner box in a large outer box. Don’t block the small inner box if it can’t fit. Make sure There is a proper gap between the capacitors, and filled with soft bubble paper or paper skin to absorb shock. Of course, it is also necessary to choose a reliable and responsible courier company. In short, it is necessary to ensure that it is stable and stable.
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