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How to activate the old electrolytic capacitor?

by:Shenmao     2020-10-10

how to activate the old capacitors? Mainly can be divided into the following six steps, and the following and electrolytic capacitor manufacturers to understand together. 1, to activate electrolytic capacitor is measured with a multimeter electric block, when the forward resistance is zero or very hour, explain the electrolytic capacitor has been breakdown of scrapped. In addition to the electrolytic capacitor can be activated. 2, the electrolytic capacitor welding, first add 1/2, 450 v electrolytic capacitor, for example, can be mains voltage to 130 v, dc voltage at the ends of the electrolytic capacitor at this time is 130 vx1. 4 = about 180 v, activated within 24 hours. 3, then disconnect the ac power, with a 5 w300 Ω the resistance of the lap joint on both ends of electrolytic capacitor discharge, attention must be put out. 4, with the capacity of capacitance meter measuring recovery,. Generally can be recovery by about 60%. No recovery for capacity, basic judgment can damage of the electrolytic capacitor has open circuit. 5, set the voltage to 220 v, dc voltage at the ends of the electrolytic capacitor is 220 vx1. 4 = about 300 v, continue to activate for 24 hours, the capacity to restore to 90% ~ 100%. 6, set the voltage to 350 v, dc voltage at the ends of the electrolytic capacitor is 350 vx1. 4 = about 490 v, continue to activate. 48 hours or 72 hours. Every time to activate any number of electrolytic capacitors.
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