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How to avoid the patch capacitor in the process of using bending

by:Shenmao     2020-10-27
Tiles capacitors are widely used in electronics industry, but also easy to appear in the process of PCB board using bending crack. Patch capacitance can bear larger compressive stress, but weaker ability to resist bending. Improper operation may result in the crack of the device. Next let's see how to avoid the patch capacitor winding matters needing attention. In circuit operation, equipment, personnel, cycle factors, such as gravity hole component insert, circuit testing, veneer segmentation, installed circuit board, circuit boards, riveting, screw etc. It's easy to have a common problem in the process, this kind of crack usually originated from the upper and lower metal end devices, and internal at 45 ℃ to spread to the device. This kind of defect is the most common type of defect. 1. : (mechanical stress factors 1) Test probe lead to PCB bending ( 2) The influence of PCB bending and breaking the PCB ( 3) The installation of the suction nozzle ( Suction nozzle pressure is too large, the distance is too deep) And the impact of fixed in the claw. ( 4) Excessive amounts of tin ( As the common packing) 。 2. Principle: mechanical stress crack patch capacitance is a brittle material. If the PCB bending, it will be affected by a certain impact to mechanical stress. When stress more than with patch capacitance of the ceramic body strength, bending crack will occur. As a result, the bending crack only after welding. Understand the precautions that should be paid attention to when using the patch capacitor, although patch capacitance is small, but the compression energy cannot be too big. We should pay attention to the necessity of the protection measures.
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