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How to buy imported capacitors|Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-03
When the domestic production process of capacitors is getting more and more perfect, there will still be a need to buy imported capacitors, because this type of buyers are generally enthusiasts of their own Ru0026D and transformation, and relatively large companies have absolute guarantees for quality requirements. If you are a type of purchaser, let’s popularize today how to buy imported capacitors. One. There are many brands of imported capacitors that buy imported capacitors from exclusive agents. It is impossible for us to contact foreign capacitor manufacturers one by one when we buy. The cost of communication is not only very high. It is expensive and the process is very troublesome. For example, you need some samples from the other party. If the other party does provide them, the express fee may cost tens or hundreds of yuan, and the time is very long. So how to buy imported capacitors? I can only find the domestic agent of this foreign capacitor manufacturer. The same source of goods and the delivery time and after-sales service guarantee can keep up. Just pay attention to looking for the current agent. Generally, you need to go to a foreign capacitor supplier. It is easier to tell if there is an agent in this area by asking or checking the website. 2. Online shopping malls buy imported capacitors. There are many brands of imported capacitors in online shopping malls, but there are some specifications and models that these merchants cannot provide. They can only provide capacitors of spot specifications. This type of supply is commonly called 'foreign garbage' in the industry. 'Because these items are removed from other products, and then refurbished and sold individually. The profits are quite considerable. People who buy this type of imported capacitors generally need to develop independently at home. Buying these is also a gambling luck, because they don't need to buy too many in bulk, only a few or dozens are enough, so they will choose to buy in the online store. 3. Buying imported capacitors from foreign capacitor manufacturers. This situation is because there is no agent of this capacitor brand in China, so you can only communicate with the foreign capacitor manufacturer. Generally, foreign capacitor manufacturers are used to using emails for business. Communicate, and then the buyer must clearly indicate the number of capacitors purchased and the specifications and performance requirements. The other party’s quotation is generally in US dollars, and then it is necessary to negotiate the distribution of the logistics cost and the tax-included cost. The price is very expensive. If there are some quality problems, it will be more troublesome to deal with. There is also a need to identify who the other party is cooperating with. Some foreign traders pretend to be the brand’s merchants to cooperate, so these Are all places that need to be very cautious
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