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How to calculate the service life of aluminum electrolytic capacitor?

by:Shenmao     2020-10-02
As electronic product is an important part of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor, plays a very important role in switching power supply, its service life and the work condition is closely related to the life of the switch power supply, a large number of production practice and theory show that the damage if capacitance of switching power supply, especially the electrolytic capacitor roof caving or electrolyte spillover, power supply manufacturer suspected capacitor quality has a problem, and improper electrolytic capacitor manufacturer said power supply design, resulting in the confrontation. If you know how to calculate the service life of aluminum electrolytic capacitor so this problem is a good solution. In general temperature, so the life of the capacitor consumption will increase, the capacitance working temperature rise every 10 ℃, capacitance decrease the double life, capacitance working temperature drop 10 ℃, the double life, so the environment temperature is an important factor affecting the service life of electrolytic capacitors. It is well known in the electronic products, the factors affecting the service life of electrolytic capacitors with ambient temperature T and ripple current irms. Capacitance bear the load power and is directly proportional to the ripple current, the greater the load, the greater the ripple current, the more powerful internal oxidation film decomposition fever, repair the electrolyte consume more, see figure 1 ripple current calculation formula: power loss calculated: electrolytic capacitor fever formula: temperature T0 reach thermal equilibrium container center and the rise of temperature of the ambient temperature T (by way of heat dissipation Air cooling, container cooling) And dissipation power PD decision, described using thermal resistance, heat resistance, 热阻) Rq, the unit ( ℃/ W) : capacitor life: don't consider the service life of the ripple current. Considered the real life of the ripple current: from the above example calculation shows that ripple current impact on the service life of electrolytic capacitors is very big, circuit engineer in design using electrolytic capacitors, not only should consider capacitance working environment temperature, consider circuit ripple current's influence on the life of electrolytic capacitors, prolong the service life of electrolytic capacitors as soon as possible. Try to choose good quality electrolytic capacitors, sealed performance is good capacitance, must not use life of halving piecemeal electrolytic capacitor. Above is the main method of calculation of aluminum electrolytic capacitor, shenzhen ShenMao weiye technology co. , LTD. The main ShenMao electrolytic capacitors, the main application field applications: strobes, electronic energy-saving lamps, elevators, magnetizing apparatus, stud spot welding machine, vacuum circuit breaker, laser power supply, industrial and mining equipment products, medical equipment power supply, electric vehicle charging pile, photovoltaic inverter system and other industrial fields.
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