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How to choose a lead capacitor? What aspects need to be paid attention to?

by:Shenmao     2021-06-06
Introduction: In order to meet the rapid development requirements of more companies, some products in the electronics industry are gradually appearing to meet the needs of some major companies. From this point of view, the current leaded capacitors have also evolved over time, and will become applicable originals for more industries in the future. So, how do you need to choose a leaded capacitor? What should you pay attention to when choosing? Next, let's take a brief look.  1. Pay attention to check in advance when choosing.  Because there are many lead capacitors in daily use, you must pay attention to check in advance before selecting. Use this type of capacitor to ensure that it can be used under normal voltage. It should not be affected in any way, otherwise the electrolyte will decompose and the capacity will decrease, which will shorten the product life.  Second, pay attention to the specific use environment.   When selecting the lead capacitor, the use environment should also be considered, and it should not be used in places rich in toxic gas. Because in this environment, the lead wire will be flammable and easily corroded. Therefore, when choosing this type of product, consider using it in a suitable environment to ensure the realization of the product effect.  3. Pay attention to the basic performance.   Many of the current leaded capacitor products have many performances that are worthy of recognition, so many industries continue to increase their usage. However, this product is not suitable for use in circuits with relatively high frequencies, otherwise it will cause internal heating of the capacitor and affect the performance of the capacitor. Therefore, lead capacitors should be kept away from some heat sources as much as possible to avoid affecting the service life.  Through the above-mentioned understanding of the selection of leaded capacitors, I believe that you can also grasp some points of attention when choosing. When choosing leaded capacitors, not only should we consider the above mentioned precautions, but also consider more conditions to ensure the reliable use of the product.
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