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How to choose a power capacitor_How to tell which power capacitor is better?

by:Shenmao     2021-06-09
Power capacitors are manufactured due to special processes and the price of power capacitors themselves is very expensive. Under normal circumstances, even to obtain samples of power capacitors for testing, you need to buy them yourself! In this case, the manufacturer cannot follow the previous process of purchasing capacitors. In the process of sample testing, they can only rely on the capacitor test results provided by the power capacitor manufacturers. In some cases, even the power capacitor manufacturers will not provide them. The test results, because there is no physical object, or a new power capacitor, the manufacturer needs to buy it first, and then perform a test after it is produced. If there is no power capacitor test data, then how to choose a power capacitor is particularly important. Under normal circumstances, the power capacitor manufacturer can provide a safety certificate. All kinds of safety certificates for power capacitors are passed. It can only be issued by a large certification body, and certification is required every year. The certification generally includes various indicators, whether it can meet the parameter standards of the power capacitor, etc. After the other party provides the safety certificate, you need to ask the capacitor manufacturer to provide an endorsement. Some of them have signed a confidentiality agreement and will not provide it. The price of power capacitors is very expensive, and there are many types, the price ranges from hundreds to tens of thousands, so the way to buy is not the same process as the previous capacitors, and the manufacturers of power capacitors also belong to the country. There are few, so there are not many power capacitor manufacturers to choose from. If you still don’t know how to tell which power capacitor is better, you can choose Shenmao capacitors.
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