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How to choose an effective metal film capacitor|Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-02
Metal film capacitors have now become the most important electronic equipment at the moment. They usually carry the power conversion and the exchange of electricity and even the demand for energy storage. It plays an increasingly important role in our daily lives, so choose effective metal It is imperative for film capacitors to improve the shortcomings of traditional capacitors, but what is an effective metal film capacitor? First of all, metal film capacitors are a kind of polypropylene capacitors. The surface is usually coated with a layer of metal film. These metal films usually act as electrodes. The biggest advantage of this type of capacitor compared with traditional metal foil capacitors is that it occupies a smaller volume. Therefore, it is especially suitable for the application of many small electronic devices. Secondly, the metal film capacitor has the biggest advantage of self-healing characteristics. The so-called self-healing characteristic is that if the film medium has defects in a certain part and When a breakdown short circuit occurs under the action of voltage, the breakdown metallization layer melts into a small metal-free area under the action of the arc. These metal areas insulate the two pole pieces of the capacitor from each other but can still continue to work Compared with other metal film capacitors, the effectiveness of such metal film capacitors is greatly improved. If the effective metal film capacitor is analyzed according to the principle, there is no short-circuit or failure. Therefore, when the capacitor in your hand is short-circuited, you have to consider whether it is a real good metal film capacitor. The pressure test of the effective capacitor also gradually decreases from the inside to the outside, so it is also very advantageous in terms of the density of energy storage. Choosing an effective metal film capacitor can bring you convenience in future applications. Therefore, you must carefully screen it when choosing, and ensure its reliability while satisfying the most basic properties.
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