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How to choose metal film capacitors | Focus on high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-08
Metal film capacitors have been slowly integrated into our daily lives today, from small household appliances to large power plants, etc., are inseparable from its presence, so it has shown more and more power nowadays. The market’s demand for them is also increasing. Therefore, many people urgently need to know how to choose the metal film capacitors that suit their products. Only those that are really suitable for them are the most reasonable. Most of the current metal film capacitors are a kind of polypropylene capacitors. It is coated with a layer of metal film. The biggest function of this film is to act as an electrode. Therefore, when choosing, pay attention to distinguish between metal film and Metal foil, although the difference between them is only one word, there is still a big difference in actual applications. Real metal film capacitors are more suitable for the current needs of people for some small electronic products and equipment, so it The volume is much smaller than that of metal foil. The second is to consider its actual voltage usage and some requirements for derating. Don’t think that these are not important. In many cases, inappropriate capacitors will cause unnecessary accidents. Therefore, the working flow of the capacitor should be carried out. In-depth understanding, the current will generate heat to the capacitor during use of the capacitor. If the heat is too high, it will cause the capacitor to heat up and even smoke and fire and other dangerous conditions. Therefore, the selected capacitor must be under the current allowable condition , The purchase of suitable metal film capacitors will make your application more comfortable and longer life.
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