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How to choose the accuracy of the capacitor? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-05-02
The accuracy of the capacitor mostly refers to the error range of the capacity. If it refers to the dimensional accuracy of the capacitor, it generally refers to the error of the size. Why does the accuracy of the capacitor exist? This is because the capacitors produced will always follow the original regulations. There is a certain error in the capacity, and the allowable error range is gradually formed later, which is what everyone calls the accuracy. The common accuracy of capacitors is generally ±5%/±10%/±20%. The reason for determining the accuracy of this capacitor is mainly determined by the customer’s budget and requirements. If there are no too special requirements, it will generally be based on itself. Conventional precision is used for production. If the customer has special requirements, the capacitor manufacturer will choose different raw materials to produce more high-precision capacitors. Therefore, when selecting the accuracy of the capacitor, it is generally necessary to refer to the circuit board of its own product. If the accuracy range of the capacitor is too small, it will also affect the accuracy of the capacitor. In addition to the special requirements of the customer, it also needs to see whether the capacitor manufacturer can make such a high-precision capacitor, and the capacitor with a large error range on the market , There are many cases of posing as high-precision capacitors, so when selecting high-precision capacitors, you may wish to ask the capacitor manufacturer to provide a certain sample after the test is qualified, and then try to take a small batch of trial production, there is no problem before starting Mass production. If you still don’t know how to choose the accuracy of capacitors, you can consult Shenmao’s online customer service and answer them online.
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