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How to choose the quality of the capacitor and the unit price of the capacitor

by:Shenmao     2021-05-03
The peak production season has come, and the production lines of various manufacturers have become busy. The busy production lines also mean the consumption speed of raw materials. Therefore, the workload of the purchasers of various manufacturers will naturally increase, and the consumption speed of various components The fastest consumption of the capacitors is due to the faster consumption of capacitors. Therefore, in the procurement of capacitors, buyers often face two problems with quality or price. Manufacturers that pay attention to quality often do not choose domestically produced capacitors. They often choose foreign-imported capacitors. Such manufacturers often pay the most attention to quality control, for fear of using bad components. If the brand reputation accumulated over the years is messed up, a small number of manufacturers will choose domestically produced capacitors. Shenmao Capacitors has been producing capacitors in China for 36 years. In dealing with buyers from countless manufacturers, I often listen to it. The most demanding quality is guaranteed. They all cooperated with Shenmao Capacitors with an attitude of experimentation. After a few cooperations later, they found that all the requirements were in compliance with the standards, and then gradually increased the purchase volume. I learned from the buyer that although they know that domestic capacitors are indeed much cheaper than foreign capacitors, and the logistics delivery is relatively timely, the purchase of foreign capacitors is often only through agents, and they are all in stock. Although it is a stock product, it is relatively safe to use in terms of quality, but the general environment in recent years is not very optimistic, so I began to try to choose domestic capacitor manufacturers for cooperation. The choice of Shenmao capacitors is also because of the products in the domestic capacitor counterparts. In terms of quality comparison, Shenmao capacitors were chosen. In fact, many buyers don’t know why it is better to have imported capacitors in the capacitor market. Domestic capacitors are a poor subjective view. In fact, foreign capacitors are generally produced with high specifications and quality, so they are both in terms of performance and service life. It belongs to the superior grade, and the reason why domestic capacitors cause poor competition is the fierce competition in the domestic market. Generally, capacitors are not produced according to high-quality specifications. When the price of capacitors is expensive, the market competitiveness is insufficient, so they tend to be low. Capacitors are produced in the end direction. Once this type of capacitor is used for comparison, the result is definitely a complete failure. There is no bright spot except for the price advantage. Then you will definitely have doubts when you see this. Why do domestic capacitor manufacturers not develop in the high-end direction? In addition to the domestic price factor as described in this article, the main reason is that the purchaser is the main reason. Do you think you are shirking responsibility? In fact, it is not. Any electrical equipment is classified into grades, such as civil equipment, commercial equipment, and industrial equipment. The quality of capacitors required for these three types of electrical appliances are different. General buyers will only purchase according to the purchase list. The capacitor manufacturer will not be told what equipment it intends to use and what purpose the equipment is used for. Then the capacitor manufacturer often quotes the price of low-end capacitors in order to win customers. If the transaction is facilitated, it is used in the case of civilian equipment. , Then it must be a pleasant cooperation. If it is used in commercial or industrial applications, once there is a problem, it will be an unpleasant experience again, and the impression of domestic capacitors has been branded with the impression of poor quality. Therefore, there are many With a little communication and more mutual understanding, domestic capacitors will gradually get better in the future. The current intuitive impression is relatively deep, so it is still necessary for all the capacitor industry colleagues to redouble their efforts to improve this view. Shenmao can survive in the capacitor industry for 36 years. That is, all survival capacitors in accordance with mid-to-high-end standards, although the price is not competitive, but relying on word-of-mouth to accumulate batch after batch of loyal customers.
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