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How to correctly choose aluminum electrolytic capacitor?

by:Shenmao     2020-10-07

for LED bulbs drive power supply circuit topology structure is complicated, applied to a variety of power supply topology structure, a variety of different life requirements, and use different driving circuit of switching power supply IC manufacturer is different, have different design scheme. So should be according to the requirements of the specific circuit design, the specific power supply topology structure, the demands of the specific circuit design parameters to select the capacitance value of the electrolytic capacitor. But for electrolytic capacitor, its actual use in the ripple current and peak voltage value, should be no more than the rated ripple current value and the rated voltage value, and are best left a certain margin. On the choice of input rectifier filter capacity 1, the output rectifier filter function: smooth output sorting voltage; Absorption of high frequency switch frequency ripple current. Requirements: high temperature resistant, long life, miniaturization, high ripple current, high frequency, low resistance. Requirements for the output rectifier filter capacitor has enough electric capacity, electric capacity is too low will lead to an unstable converter, apparently small volume capacity value of aluminum electrolytic capacitor is the best choice; Here recommend aihua capacitor series models: RJ, RZ, RS, RF, RG, RM, NB and other low voltage products; 2, control IC chip power end coupling capacitor: smooth IC input power supply voltage; Absorbed from the coupling interference on the line, make the control output is more stable; Make more accurate IC output control signals, reduce the financial burden on the output filter capacitor. Requirements: high temperature resistant, miniaturization, high stability, low leakage.
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