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How to correctly replace the capacitor|Focus on medium and high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-04
The method of replacing the capacitor is very simple. Open the circuit board to find the capacitor, use a soldering pen to remove the capacitor, and then replace it with a new one. When replacing capacitors, pay attention to the fact that the capacitance difference of 30-50% will not have a significant impact and can be replaced, but the withstand voltage value must be greater than or equal to the original value. 6.3V can use 10V or higher withstand voltage (here is just an example), but generally the higher the voltage, the larger the volume, as long as it can be installed. Replace the capacitor with the original model as much as possible. For the original capacity, the withstand voltage value should be equal to or greater than the original product. If it is a non-inductive capacitor, it cannot be replaced with a CBB type inductive capacitor. If the original aluminum electrolytic capacitor has swelled or leaked, find out the reason to avoid damage after replacement. Electrolytic capacitors that have been stored for a long time should be tested for leakage before use.
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