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How to deal with scrap capacitors? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-01
Discarded capacitors refer to two situations. The first is that defective products that fail the quality inspection can not be put on the market. The second is that the storage time is too long and the storage method is improper and can’t be used at all, generally normal. The method is to directly destroy, and this article is about how to deal with the common scrap capacitors in the market. Recycling scrap capacitors is divided into fragmented recycling and mass recycling. Scattered recycled capacitors cannot be used for damaged capacitors. After this type of recycling, it is mainly to manually disassemble the valuable things in the capacitors, such as capacitors. The lead wires are usually copper, and there is also a very small amount of metal. This kind of secondary use of resources is understandable and there is no big problem. The most feared is the mass-recovery of scrap capacitors. The batch-recovered capacitors are concentrated on looking for capacitor manufacturers. It is the most irresponsible practice to buy defective capacitors that have failed production or quality inspections, collect them in large quantities at one time, and then directly put them on the market through secondary packaging for sale. This is the most irresponsible practice. Inferior capacitor manufacturers, or reselling second-hand businesses, are extremely irresponsible to consumers. Resource recycling was originally a good result for the secondary use of scrap capacitors, but because illegal merchants used them to resell directly, the counterfeit goods on the market were flooded, allowing innocent consumers to bear the risk this time. I would like to advise everyone of capacitors. Buyers, please do not directly buy some spot capacitors from Electronic City, because these capacitors cannot be guaranteed to be scrap capacitors or capacitors that have been stored for a long time.
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