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How to detect the service life of the patch capacitor

by:Shenmao     2021-01-04
Conventional patch capacitance of life should be in 2000 hours, in use process failure, generally do not often use it is not easy to damage, may be bad, not in real life, the most common example of this is home appliances not use for a long period of time will also bad earlier and often use may will it last longer. Contains two meanings at the same time, the life of a patch capacitance is a theoretical value of aging life, 2 it is used in the process of life. Patch capacitance chip itself is to clear the main source of high frequency signal crosstalk to other chips, allowing each chip module can work properly without interference. In high frequency electronic oscillation circuit, patch up elements such as capacitance and crystal oscillator in oscillation circuit, to provide the required clock frequency of circuit. The service life of the patch capacitance test method: test method: 1, the low pressure patch capacitance ( ≤ 100V) Voltage: 1. 5 times the rated operating voltage. Time: 1000 hours. Temperature: 125 ℃ ( NPO、X7R) 85℃( X5R Y5V) 。 Charging current: should not exceed 50 ma. Condition: room temperature. Placing time: 24 hours ( Ⅰ class) (48 hours, or Ⅱ class) 。 Second, the test standard: & Delta; Ⅰ class: C/C & le; ± 2% or & plusmn; 1 pf take of these highly actie Ⅱ classes: B, X: & le; ± 20%; E,F: ≤ ± Δ30% C/C: Ⅰ classes: & le; ± 2% or & plusmn; 1 pf take of these highly actie Ⅱ classes: B, X: & le; ± 20%; E,F: ≤ ± 30% DF:勒; 2 times as the initial standard three, SMD capacitance aging life generally don't have much practical significance. A capacitance even produced for many years, also can be normal use.
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