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How to determine the patch capacitance short circuit and leakage?

by:Shenmao     2020-10-01
In our daily use patch capacitor common problem is false welding, the problem such as short circuit, leakage, breakdown, then how can we determine whether patch capacitance short circuit and leakage? Let's look at specific judgment method. What would patch capacitance short circuit and leakage phenomenon? The following answer for you. After the patch capacitor disconnected, dc will form an open circuit, which can lead to abnormal operation of the dc. In other words, when the patch capacitor failure occurs, through the test points in the measurement circuit of dc voltage, we can determine the capacitance is through or leakage. Capacitance after breakdown, will only affect the local circuit of capacitor. Because in other circuits, still from the dc capacitor. According to this principle, can shorten the maintenance scope. Patch capacitance short circuit and leakage occurred in different circuits, such as the coupling circuit short circuit dc flows directly into the next phase, this is you should not have a current noise, and filter capacitor breakdown may fuse. Patch capacitance short circuit and leakage measurement method is what? There are several ways below. Method 1: general small capacitance resistance to infinity, and replace the abnormal resistance, capacitance decrescent, multimeter, can't be measured directly replacement. Method 2: use a multimeter on both ends of a very great ground another measuring capacitance, voice said at the ends of the short circuit. Method 3: if the patch capacitance short-circuit, available online measurement to judge the multimeter. If it is open, because the capacity is too small, you can't measure a multimeter, which can be connected to 220 V wire pen, patch capacitance of the pin on the lid, to see if the neon lamp, luminous capacity is good, otherwise circuit is cut off. 220 V voltage, but don't experiment on the plate. Method 4: resistance value is infinite, resistance is zero is bad, the other should have some small change. Judge patch capacitance short circuit and leakage problem summary, in use process, need to pay attention to the following reasons: the surface dirt caused to the surface of the insulation fall in leak, the leakage current is not very big, is generally microampere level. Internal crack causing severe suppression, welding cracks and MLCC crack, the crack caused by the leakage current will continue to increase, severe cases can cause local explosion and fire.
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