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How to distinguish between resonant capacitor and filter capacitor? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-12
The resonant capacitor is the mutual conversion of the electric field energy in the capacitor and the magnetic field energy in the inductance, which increases and decreases, which is completely compensated. The sum of the electric field energy and the magnetic field energy remains unchanged at all times, and the power supply does not need to convert energy back and forth with the capacitor or inductance, only the electrical energy consumed by the resistance in the circuit is supplied. The application of resonant circuits in electronic technology is very extensive. Because of its selectivity to frequency, it is often used as a load for high-frequency and intermediate-frequency amplifiers in transmitting and receiving equipment; resonant circuits are an important part of oscillators; resonant circuits are used as absorption circuits in electronic circuits to filter out interference signals, etc. . Filter capacitor: It is an energy storage device installed at both ends of the rectifier circuit to reduce the ripple coefficient of AC pulsation, improve efficiency, and smooth DC output. Filter capacitors are used in power rectifier circuits to filter out AC components. Make the output DC smoother. And for precision circuits, a combination of parallel capacitor circuits is often used at this time to improve the working effect of the filter capacitor.
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