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How to effectively protect the filter capacitor? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-04
1. The damage of the filter capacitor is likely to occur in the high temperature weather in summer, so during this time, inspections should be strengthened and preventive measures should be taken. When installing the filter capacitor, we should also pay attention to avoiding light, in a low temperature and well-ventilated place. 2. In the electronic circuit, we can equip a fast fuse according to the amount of current, 1.5~2 times. If the filter capacitor is broken down, the fast fuse will melt and cut off the power supply, protecting the filter capacitor from continuing to generate heat. 3. Install an ammeter on each phase of the compensation cabinet to ensure that the current difference of each phase does not exceed ±5%. If an imbalance is found, immediately exit the operation and check the filter capacitor. Monitor the temperature rise of the filter capacitor. 4. Strengthen the inspection of the filter capacitor bank. Excessive leakage current of the filter capacitor usually has the following phenomena: oil leakage occurs at the lead bushing of the capacitor; the capacitor bulges. If some capacitors do not leak oil, bulging will occur. If the above situation is found, the filter capacitor should be withdrawn from operation to prevent explosion.
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