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How to eliminate IGBT parasitic Miller effect capacitance problem

by:Shenmao     2021-06-10
The capacitance and peak problems caused by the Miller effect are a relatively common situation in daily work. In the operation of IGBT module, if the Miller capacitor problem is not dealt with in time, it is very likely to cause damage to the IGBT. So, what are the hazards of parasitic Miller capacitance? How should engineers quickly clear the IGBT parasitic Miller capacitance problem? Let us use the following detailed analysis and introduction. In the daily work process, once the Miller effect parasitic capacitance problem occurs during the operation of the IGBT module, it is often seen in the obvious 0 to 15V type gate driver, which is the single-supply driver that engineers often call. The coupling between gate collector and electrode during IGBT turn-off, high dV/dt transient can induce parasitic IGBT pass through, that is, gate collector voltage spike, which is a potential danger for IGBT and the whole machine. . Under normal circumstances, in order to prevent the occurrence of parasitic IGBT channels, there are usually two solutions in China. The first method is to add capacitance between the gate and emitter to the configuration, and the second is to use a negative gate drive. If the first scheme is used, it is easy to cause a reduction in efficiency, while the second scheme needs to consider additional costs and cost issues, and engineers need to compare and judge based on actual conditions. At present, it is a common method to shorten the gate-emitter path and place a transistor between the gate-emitter in the industry. After this method reaches a certain threshold, the transistor will cause a short circuit in the gate-emitter area. We call this technique of adding additional transistors the source Miller clamp. This method can effectively eliminate the parasitic capacitance problem caused by the Miller effect. Conclusion After understanding the root cause of the Miller effect parasitic capacitance, the engineer can choose a solution according to local conditions. Eliminating the Miller capacitance problem in time can fully ensure the normal operation of the IGBT, and can also effectively improve the body's working time and work efficiency.
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