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How to extend the service life of metal film capacitors|Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-11
We know that even if the quality of metal film capacitors is used for a long time, some minor problems will inevitably occur. As long as we understand the preventive measures for capacitor failures, we can effectively increase the service life of metal film capacitors. 1. Deal with abnormal operating conditions in time. If abnormal conditions such as bulging or joint heating of the metal film capacitor are found during operation, it must be taken out of operation. For malignant accidents such as fires and explosions, power outage inspections should be carried out immediately, and the cause of the accidents should be found and dealt with before they can be replaced with new metal film capacitors to continue operation. 2. Strictly control the operating voltage. The operating voltage of the metal film capacitor must be strictly controlled within the allowable range. That is, the long-term operating voltage of the metal film capacitor shall not be greater than 10% of its rated voltage value. If the operating voltage is too high, the service life of the metal film capacitor will be greatly shortened. As the operating voltage increases, the dielectric loss of the metal film capacitor will increase, which will increase the temperature of the metal film capacitor, accelerate the aging speed of the capacitor insulation, and cause premature aging, breakdown and damage to the insulation in the capacitor. In addition, under the action of excessively high operating voltage, the insulating medium inside the capacitor will undergo local aging. The higher the voltage, the faster the aging and the shorter the lifespan. 3. Fuse protection is installed. Each single capacitor should be equipped with fuse protection. The rated current of the fuse must not be greater than 1.3 times the rated current of the capacitor to be protected, so as to avoid failure of a certain capacitor because it cannot be obtained. Removal in time caused group explosion accidents. 4. Select the throw (cut) switch correctly. When the power is disconnected, due to the arc action between the static and moving contacts of the switch, the operating overvoltage will be caused. In addition to the requirement to select the capacity of the throw (cut) switch to be larger than that of the capacitor In addition to the capacity of about 35%, the circuit breaker must have high insulation recovery strength between contacts, low arc reignition, and good arc extinguishing performance. 5. Control the operating temperature. Under normal circumstances, it is generally required that the external temperature of the metal film capacitor should not be greater than 60°C. Otherwise, the cause must be investigated and dealt with.
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