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How to handle safety capacitance short-circuit?

by:Shenmao     2020-12-28
We should in the use of capacitor will encounter many problems, open circuit, the capacitance of the capacitor leakage, breakdown, capacitor shell expansion and so on, so before buying the use of capacitor, we need to have a certain understanding to it and how to rule out malfunction, common to share with you today the X2 safety capacitor if in use process short-circuit how should solve? So in this case what are we to do? Should open when processing fault capacitor capacitor switching and on both sides of the blade, capacitor Banks can be carried out only after it has been discharge, and safety after discharge the capacitor group, as part of the residual charge a put, still should be a manual discharge and discharge when the grounding termination well first, reoccupy insulating rod for safety capacitor discharge for many times, until no spark and no discharge, to fasten on earth wire again, even so but as a result of failure safety capacitor may be poor contact, wiring internal wire break or safety fuse wait for a reason to make part of the charge has not been put insulating gloves should be worn to do so before the inspection, with a short route will short circuit capacitor poles and then removed. Switch attention not to send, after short circuit protection movement situation, must be checked according to the analysis judgment, order inspections movement situation, current transformer switch, check whether there is any crack on the capacitor, severe fever, drum belly oil overheating or melting, etc. , the casing with and without discharge marks, without the above situation, the switch is short circuit fault caused by place of busbar voltage fluctuation, can send after inspection, otherwise should further to protect comprehensive electric test and characteristic test of electromagnetic induction, if still checking out the cause of the problem is open safety capacitor by machine for inspection prior to find out the reason of test shall not be sending. Shenzhen ShenMao weiye technology co. , LTD. Is specialized in manufacturing safety capacitors, ceramic capacitors, varistors, film capacitors, monolithic capacitors. Professional production safety capacitor manufacturers, the quality you worthy of trust. If you have any test requirements can contact us, can provide free samples for you test.
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