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How to identify original and refurbished electrolytic capacitors? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-03
Black-hearted manufacturers are indispensable in the market of any industry. At present, a large number of refurbished electrolytic capacitors have appeared in the domestic second-hand electronics market. They removed the original bad-looking or non-branded electrolytic capacitors, and put the capacitors on the outer plastics to pretend to be new electrolytic capacitors. The sale of capacitors has caused many people to be deceived. So how do we see through this kind of scam, let's take a look at it together. First of all, this kind of second-hand electrolytic capacitors can distinguish true from false from the appearance. The original electrolytic capacitors have exquisite outer skins with a factory number, while the disassembled capacitors basically have many different numbers for each batch; the outer skin materials and text printing of the refurbished electrolytic capacitors are unified, the text of the capacitor body is simple and clear, and the printed text is basic They are all foreign brand products. From the perspective of the capacitor terminal, the workmanship of each capacitor is different. It is refurbished with a variety of brand capacitors. The basic principle of refurbishment is that as long as the capacity of each capacitor is close and the shape and size are the same, it will be rebuilt. Put on refurbished plastic leather. If you can't distinguish the true from the false from the appearance, you can only use technical means to identify it. The capacity of the refurbished electrolytic capacitor is basically not leaked, because it cannot escape the measurement of the capacitance meter, but the actual withstand voltage is inconsistent. For example, 160V-470UF and 180V-470UF are covered with 200V-470UF, 35V-10000UF is covered with 50V-10000UF, 350V- 2200UF is set as 400V-2200UF or 450V-2200UF, because the capacitor is not sensitive to voltage, even if the 160V electrolytic capacitor is used for a short time when 200V is used, it will not fail. It will fail only when the voltage environment deteriorates. Black-hearted merchants use refurbishment methods to make better ones, and use electrolytic capacitors with insufficient voltage as sufficient voltage to obtain benefits. Therefore, refurbished electrolytic capacitors are not sold as brand-new capacitors on the market. The selling price is also second-hand, which is generally better than the original disassembly. The second-hand price of the piece is lower. To sum up in a word, you get what you pay for, and we are basically not fooled if we are not greedy.
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