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How to identify true and false capacitor brands | Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-05-15
Since there are so many capacitor brands on the market, I often don’t know how to choose them, and there are often many counterfeit capacitors on the market. How can we avoid these risks and choose the correct capacitor brand? As long as you master the following points, there is a high chance that you can avoid the risk of counterfeiting brands. The popularity of capacitor brands is a general direction for reference. The more famous and more famous capacitor brands, the more imitators. Because the big brand capacitors and the low price, it is very easy to sell, so the high-profile capacitor brand It is the most risky area of u200bu200bcounterfeit capacitors, so when choosing this capacitor brand, the fastest way is to ask the other party to provide a copy of the business license, and to check on, if the corresponding company, it is this capacitor brand company. But it is not ruled out that only some pictures that the other party has found, so the payment company account directly requested does not support any other means of payment, so the other party can't pretend to be anything. Visit the production base of Fangfang Capacitor! This is the best and fastest way. If the other party shirks or makes many excuses, then you must carefully consider it. After all, receiving customers to visit the factory is not any problem, but if you decline everywhere, the other party must conceal something. Beware. Look at the factory online. Now some capacitor brand factories are becoming popular to look at the factory online. Although this effectively solves the time cost of viewing the factory offline, this piece is often mixed with some fakes, because although it is online viewing The factory is essentially a picture taken frame by frame, so you can prepare the pictures in advance and you can be prepared for how to fake it, so it’s better to go to the capacitor factory offline to see the capacitor factory at ease! The word-of-mouth reference of peers, here is to inquire with your peers about the brand of capacitors of a certain company. Generally, the ones used are not confidential. The effect and contact information will also be given to you. Some companies have some confidentiality agreements. It will be more difficult to ask, but most of them can be directly inquired with people from the other company, so that you can greatly reduce the purchase of counterfeit capacitor brands.
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