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How to improve the life of electrolytic capacitors

by:Shenmao     2020-10-26
Regardless of the capacitor used in the field of electronic technology, all want to use components to meet the performance requirements, not easily damaged, prolong the service life of purpose. In circuit design, should have better understanding in the performance of the electrolytic capacitor, accomplish know fairly well, don't make the capacitor has been working at peak performance. The concrete from the following several aspects to consider. 1, to reduce the environment temperature to reduce the environment temperature, make the electrolytic capacitor temperature limit category does not work, in addition to consider the capacitor itself heat effects, it is especially important for liquid electrolyte type products. If produce high temperature, can make the leakage current surge, gases, shell under internal pressure shock; The other high temperature electrolyte can be speeded up to dry up, relatively short product life. So for long life requirement of electrolytic capacitors, working temperature should be controlled under 50 ℃, so the corresponding life can increase 1 ~ 2 orders of magnitude. For example, in 45 ℃ with computer capacitor can work 20 years, under the 85 ℃ is only 1 ~ 2 years. Such as the need to apply in the ceiling area temperature ( 85℃) , the capacitor core center temperature shall not exceed 95 ℃, and depending on the nature of the selected working electrolyte. Is better than the heat effect of solid tantalum capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitor as severe, but certainly is also harmful. 2, reduce the use of the rated voltage limit the use of the rated voltage limit, namely reduce oxide film of work field, will apply to the electrolytic capacitor. Load down half later, the life of the capacitor can increase more than two orders of magnitude. Actually aluminium oxide film in the event of damage and corrode, patching oxidation worship only under the highest working voltage, partial difficult to restore to the original form under the voltage value of the thickness of the oxide film, so too much lower working voltage, the aluminum electrolytic capacitor is not the most appropriate measures. Compare the above two factors, for aluminum capacitor, in order to reduce the working temperature for the key. 3, control of ripple current value in the work of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor used in pulse circuits, the main factors of power consumption and heat warming is ripple current, For smaller capacity of the capacitor is ripple voltage) Size, generally provide the failure rate and temperature curve are measured under no ripple of dc voltage is only considering the leakage current, than the core temperature and environmental temperature almost equally as internal center. In practice, however, due to the ripple current caused by the heating temperature can make the core center, the highest can reach tens of degrees Celsius. ( Core temperature depends on the electrolytic capacitor environment temperature and control of the ripple current) 。 So, high ripple current of the core of electrolyte dried up, premature failure of the capacitor. At the same time, the ripple current for a long time more than a specified value, is one of the factors leading to capacitor explosion-proof valve to open. 4, avoid frequent surge voltage applied to the capacitor circuit on or off, will produce a transition state of instantaneous voltage, generally its value than working voltage, and accordingly to produce an impact current, if the source and load resistances in both smaller, so the instantaneous current value is quite big, easy to cause the damage of electrolytic oxidation film, because the capacitance in the big impact electrical flow, easy in weak areas of the membrane fever to crystallization, early and reduce the compression ability, so in order to improve the service life, should avoid frequent surge voltage applied to the electrolytic capacitor, when the working voltage is close to the rated voltage, even more so. 5, choose the smaller capacitor leakage current value used as a long life of electrolytic capacitors, in addition to the above 4 points plus factors to consider, in the selection and select a very small leakage current in the same type of capacitor. This suggests that it has a high quality of oxide film and appropriate working electrolyte. Once the environmental temperature is higher, corresponding is a slower increase in the leakage current. Or in the case of mutual influence, when the leakage current increase, the internal temperature will rise, which in turn make the leakage current rise again, has been deteriorated until lose heat balance and destruction. ShenMao, professional manufacturer of electrolytic capacitors, horn type electrolytic capacitor, bolt type a week to deliver goods such as electrolytic capacitors, three years warranty!
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