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How to judge the quality of electrolytic capacitor?

by:Shenmao     2020-10-08
Judge the quality of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor, actually very simple, but the following several aspects: good electrolytic appearance neat appearance, color bright, clear. Lead good weldability. Casing, lettering, and pins, inferior capacitance or inventory, casing will be dirty, printing will be a little fuzzy, if the capacitor has been used, or there will be a solder residue on the pin. Advice if I get a packing material, you can identify packaging information first, generally fakes a lot in this piece of have more questions, Can take in the past than the outer covering of the real thing) 。 Without the packaging, you can compare differences in a single device, usually to the outside of the rubber plug, air valve and insulating paper will see some differences, then you can also open the electrolysis, observe its colour and lustre, aluminum paper, electrolyte and riveting process can be found. Performance for using factory, appearance or less important, after all, not art, is the important performance, which requires professional testing instruments such as: capacity value, compression, DF, ESR, or on the machine generally test not to come out, parameters of the basic equivalent or similar. Fake goods are often in life there is larger, so if you have more time or equipment, so please do the life test of high temperature, can be distinguished. Or electricity, add 1 to electrolysis. 2 times rated voltage, the leakage current shall not exceed 1% of capacity ( mA/μ F) < test the leakage current to ammeter in series with capacitor charging is completed to>, let capacitor charging to stable under the voltage value, cut off the power supply voltage drop extremely slow ( With high impedance voltage measuring digital table) 24 hour, good electrolysis, its terminal voltage rating of 80% or more, get rid of terminal voltage drop soon after the test voltage is substandard products. The most simple and quick way to send electrolytic capacitor manufacturers, we have a professional aluminum electrolytic capacitor testing equipment, testing of raw materials and even anatomy
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