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How to judge the quality of film capacitors_how to choose film capacitors|Focus on middle and high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-04-19
Film capacitors were born after electrolytic capacitors and ceramic capacitors. The purpose of the birth is also solved. The electrolytic capacitor has a large capacity with a small withstand voltage and a short service life. It also solves the problem of the low capacity of the ceramic capacitor, high withstand voltage and frequent breakdown of the capacitor. There are four types of film capacitors. The main ones in the market are polyester film capacitors (called CL capacitors in the market) and polypropylene capacitors (called CBB capacitors in the market). How to judge the quality of film capacitors? We need to refer to the characteristics and materials of film capacitors. The core reference points of film capacitors: ①stability, ②capacitor volume, ③non-polarity, ④insulation resistance, ⑤frequency, ⑥dielectric loss, these are all judged by choosing the film capacitor Important parameters, the more precise the data, the better the performance. After knowing the selection of these parameters, it is not completely possible to select good film capacitors. There will still be fake and inferior capacitors on the market, so do not rush to buy, but ask the other party to provide samples of film capacitors on the product circuit board. After a week or a month of testing, the performance is all running normally, so you can judge whether the film capacitor is good or bad. You can also choose this film capacitor with confidence. If you also need to choose a film capacitor, You can click on the bottom right to contact customer service, we will answer your questions online
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