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How to judge the quality of the starting capacitor and how to replace it? |Focus on mid-to-high-end brand capacitor manufacturers

by:Shenmao     2021-06-04
The starting capacitor is an important part of the electronic circuit. Once the starting capacitor is broken, the motor cannot be started. The damaged starting capacitor will only buzzer when energized for a short time, causing the current to surge, and long-term energization will cause severe overheating and even burn the motor, so it should be replaced immediately. And it is not difficult to judge that the starting capacitor is broken. Most of the damaged starting capacitors have bulging and swelling, and the surface will be burnt due to excessive current, and the rotor speed will be slow and weak. Of course, the intuitive and accurate way is to use a multimeter to measure the quality of the capacitor. Once we have confirmed that the starting capacitor is malfunctioning, we should also pay attention to the replacement of the starting capacitor: 1. When handling the malfunctioning starting capacitor or replacing the starting capacitor, disconnect the switch or unplug the plug, and start The capacitor is discharged after discharge.  2. After the starting capacitor is discharged, there will still be part of the residual charge that cannot be discharged for a while, and an artificial discharge should be performed again.   3. When discharging, first connect the grounding terminal of the grounding wire, and then use the grounding rod to discharge the starting capacitor several times until there is no discharge spark or discharge sound, and then fix the grounding terminal. 4. Since the faulty starting capacitor may have poor lead contact, internal disconnection or fuse blown, etc., some of the charge may not be discharged. Therefore, the maintenance personnel should wear insulating gloves before touching the faulty starting capacitor. Short-circuit the two poles of the faulty capacitor with a short-circuit wire, and then disassemble and replace it by hand.  5. If multiple starting capacitors are used in series, they should be discharged separately.
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